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NEO Max Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Dual motor mechanical standing desk with curved-edge worksurface. Anti-collision mechanical desk control unit with 2x programmable height positions, allowing to move between pre-set positions by pressing the desired key. It also includes digital screen with an option of backlight adjustment that displays the current height of the desk.

Desk Dimension
  • 120 x 70 cm
  • 140 x 75 cm
Tabletop Finish
  • Starke® Pro White
  • Starke® Pro Black
Frame Finish
  • White
  • Black
Tax included


Mechanical Backlit Height Adjustable Controller

A mechanical backlit height-adjustable controller is an excellent addition to any gaming or professional setup, offering a blend of ergonomic benefits, aesthetic customization, and enhanced performance.

Mechanical Backlit Height Adjustable Controller
Curved Worktop

Curved Edge Worktop

Combining aesthetic appeal, functionality, and safety. Elegant curves promotes a more natural and ergonomic flow of movement.

Desk Dimension with Tabletop

Desk Dimension with Tabletop

Desk Side Dimension

Desk Side Dimension

Product Details

66 -130 cm
120 - 140 cm
Delivery Time: 1-2 Days

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