Standing Gaming Desk

Standing Gaming Desk

Sit-to-Stand desks designed with the modern gamer in mind, this cutting-edge desk is engineered to optimize your gaming experience like never before.

Seamless Height Transition

Seamless Height Transition

With customizable height settings, you can find your optimal gaming posture and maintain peak performance throughout every session.

Height Adjustment

23.6 ” - 49.2 ”

Max Speed

40 mm/s

Memory Presets


Max Loading Capacity

122 kg

Dynamic RGB Lighting

Immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming ambiance. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors and lighting effects to match your mood or gaming aesthetic.

Sleek Smart Control

Take control of your gaming setup like never before with our smart control feature. With intuitive controls, seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, ensuring maximum comfort and productivity.

Sleek Smart Control
Streamlined Cable Management

Streamlined Cable Management

Features a sleek cable management system that keeps wires neatly organized for a clean, streamlined setup that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

Minimal Design, Maximum Play

Introducing the Neo Height Adjustable Gaming Desk: a sleek and simplified version of the Neo Pro, designed for gamers who prioritize functionality and style. Elevate your gaming experience while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level

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